I'M KATE & I'm a destination wedding & elopement photographer based in nashville and Memphis, TN (with Passport Ready, hint hint!)

And the little one is Zoe, she is basically the queen of naps and I'm pretty jealous about it. I won't bore you with the standard 'facts about me!' bit (mostly because my life is actually pretty boring now that I'm thinking about it...) but the long and the short of it is I genuinely love what I do. 

I'm sure a lot of people say that, but I am borderline obsessed with photography. It miiiight have been the reason my last boyfriend felt like he didn't get enough attention. #sorrynotsorry

I quite my day job five years ago to pursue this crazy dream of telling stories with my camera and I've never looked back. Because of that leap I've seen parts of the country that have literally brought tears to my eyes, I've met incredible photographers and clients from all over the world that turned out to be kindred spirits. I've conquered my fear of public speaking by becoming an instructor at the annual The Real Workshop. I've seen some very, very weird stuff happen at weddings and I've laughed till I've cried at receptions. 

I show up at every.single.wedding excited as hell to tell a story in a unique way and make something awesome, and I always leave with full heart and sore face from smiling.... How could I give all of that up in exchange for the safety of a predictable paycheck?!

My photography is not always 'obvious' or expected and I honestly still don't think my mom really "gets" what I'm going for here, but that's okay because her favorite food is cabbage. Like... whaaaat?! Of ALL the foods?! Anyway, I digress. If you're still reading, maybe we should digress some more over coffee.. or cocktails.. or sushi, your call! Just not cabbage, please. Holler at your girl here

And last but not least, meet Zoe! She wears the pants in this relationship. 

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